Google Ads

To use Google Ads you have basically four options:

  • try AdWords yourself without knowledge and experience hoping that it will work out somehow,
  • learn how to do that and then try (please contact us for AdWords Course),
  • do the AdWords Course and use our AdWords support,
  • hire experienced, certified by Google Partner (us) to do that for you.

Did you try Adwords and had no satisfying results? Are you afraid to start on your own? Do not have time to learn?

Why not have your Google AdWords account professionally managed by experienced professionals? We are certified by Google AdWords Partners, and we have flexible packages for SMEs in all business fields, tailored to:

  • your advertising budget (from €500/month),
  • the size of your business (number of products or services to promote),
  • the size of an area of interest (town, city, county, country, countries ),
  • number of required (or existing ) campaigns, ad groups, and keywords,

Do not hesitate to contact us for a custom package assessment!

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